The BMW Modern Retailing team has asked to Iris Worldwide to design a platform to house their contents, in a way which is easy to navigate and easily updatable. The aim was to inspire, engage and motivate both the retailers and internal UK/Munich audiences to appreciate what the headquarter team does and to help them to increase their business. 

The platform offers to the individual retailers a tool to check their position in their ‘dealer’ to ‘retailer’ journey. And helps the headquarter to have a clear overview of their network.

design process

I have studied the IxD main concept and designed all the interactions. My task was to designing a new responsive platform that could inspire, engage and motivate the audience in a context often perceived as tricky or too complex. Myself with another designer were been involved on the whole design process.

A menu that become a breadcrumb.

Due to the length of the pages, the big challenge was to clarify and simplify the navigation process to let the people to browse the platform from any section of the pages. With 3 levels of navigation, I designed a system that transforms the menus in a breadcrumb when users scrolls down the page. 


Self Test & Icons

One of the big aims of this project was to engage retailers to complete a self-test journey, to allows the BMW's headquarter to figure out how and where their dealers can get better.  With more than 15 questions the challenge was to design a journey that should not be perceived as boring or too long.

I worked in details on the transitions and I studied a progress bar who becomes a button at the end of the test. Concerning visual design, we created contextualized icons for every answer.