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WhatsApp created a Stickers program to expand their store's offerings with the aim of bringing users together by making communication easier.

We helped launch eight sticker packs - which are now accessible on their platform - and social assets to promote them.

WhatsApp stickers offer a delightful means to elevate people conversations through visual expressions that accompany their texts. These meticulously crafted stickers capture a spectrum of emotions and sentiments, tailored to diverse situations. Each sticker pack revolves around distinct themes, harmonizing with various activities, daily instances, and individual lifestyles.

We collaborated with a global and diverse team of internal and external talents, including illustrators, animators, and character designers, to bring to life the different moments depicted on each sticker.


I was responsible for conceiving, designing and overseeing the whole project - from the concepts to the character design, to the animation and the asset production - managing the creative vision and direction, ensuring that they were aligned with the overall business goals and expectations of the Whatsapp team.

All the stickers have been created to convey emotions in a meaningful and expressive way. I worked closely with the artists to design and animate stickers that reflect their unique artistic style while fostering a sense of closeness and connection.



Artist: Sumouli Dutta

To enhance the celebration of the upcoming Diwali festival, we created a collection of stickers with the purpose of enabling our audience to express their greetings and wishes in a joyful and heartfelt manner.

Users will discover a range of stickers, from traditional "Shubh Dipavali or Happy Diwali" messages to fun and unexpected situations, allowing them to connect with their loved ones and mark the beginning of the Hindi New Year.


Artist: Lorenzo Milito & Paulina Cascella  

The WhatsApp team wanted to add a fun sticker pack to their collection, featuring non-human characters. These stickers would help users celebrate important moments in their everyday lives and bring happiness to their conversations.

We came up with the idea of Axo and Jax, two lovable characters that embody the brand's spirit and are perfect for spreading positive vibes.


Artist: Agustín Paillet

WhatsApp wanted to develop a sticker pack that depicts various actions and emotions people go through in a day. From waking up in the morning to dreaming at night, the pack covers these situations.

To accomplish this, we designed a character named Kai. Kai is perceived as a free-spirited, expressive, and unconventional character. With a flexible body and expressive face, Kai's quirky and contemporary appearance, along with exaggerated body language, allows us to create captivating and silly animations that capture the audience's attention.


Artist: Grace Wattimury

Fitness is becoming increasingly popular, with people participating in activities like yoga and boxing. WhatsApp wanted to create a collection that represents the fitness world, including group workouts with friends and family, as well as solo activities like meditation and exercise.

To achieve this, we came up with the idea of two fun characters with a 90's vibe. These characters challenge stereotypes associated with gym-goers and aim to connect with all fitness fans, regardless of their level of expertise or fitness.


Artist: Ann Fonde

Food has become more than just a necessity - it's now an experience that brings people together. WhatsApp wanted us to create a collection that celebrates food and everything it represents, with expressive stickers that have a global appeal.

We came up with 'The Munch Family', a group of characters with unique personalities and a love for food. Each family member resonates with food enthusiasts from different backgrounds. With their flexible bodies and expressive faces, the family's quirky, contemporary, and grown-up style allows us to create captivating and funny animations that grab people's attention.


Artist: Mattyn Klaassen

WhatsApp wanted to create a sticker pack for gamers that would enhance conversations within the gaming community. Whether you enjoy online multiplayer games or sharing your favorite gaming moments, this sticker collection is designed to be the perfect companion for gaming-related interactions.

To achieve this, we decided to pay tribute to iconic video game titles that have inspired and captivated gaming communities. Our visual direction combines different art styles to honor these beloved games and connect with our gaming community in a way that respects copyright regulations.


Artist: Christian den Oude

For the Women's World Cup event, WhatsApp wanted to create a sticker pack that captures the excitement and energy of the tournament. The pack needed to be colorful, diverse, and full of emotions, celebrating both players and fans. It would provide a fun and engaging way to show support and connect with others on WhatsApp.

We came up with Modern Muses: a team of players and fans represented by clean and simple geometric shapes. These abstract characters are easy to recognize and tell apart. By using simple shapes, the sticker pack becomes versatile and accessible. The characters are not overly detailed, allowing different people to interpret them in their own way. This makes the pack inclusive and appealing to a wide audience, as people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds can connect with the characters in their own unique way.


We collaboratively conceived 8 sticker packs, helping the WhatsApp team on populating their store and amplify their offer. We involved 12 different artists from all around the globe to create 130+ animated characters and social assets.
Each sticker should stay under 500kb of size, meaning each sticker should have been conceived and animated in no more than 20 frames. 
All the sticker packs are now published on WhatsApp for everyone to use, reaching an audience of 2 billion monthly active users globally. 
To access the packs, simply launch WhatsApp, locate the sticker icon adjacent to the text input bar, and access the sticker menu. With a simple tap on the "+" icon, everyone can explore and choose from an array of colofrul stickers.

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