AR Games



We helped Red Bull create a suite of AR games on Red Bull’s app. The 5 games each speak to a key Red Bull sport: gaming, rally racing, mountain biking, skateboarding and surfing. Each game is unlocked by scanning a Red Bull can and creatively using the can as an integral part of the game.

We were responsible for the whole production, from concept to release. With a chance to win a grand prize, if players top the leaderboard, the games motivated people across the world to download Red Bull’s new app.

Ready to Discover your Wiiings? Immerse yourself in the world of Red Bull.
Learn about athletes shaping the future of their sport and dive into their world with five exhilarating AR games. Each game captures the unique skills of each athlete and thrilling challenges that are easy to pick up, but difficult to master.

All the games are triggered by scanning a Red Bull can with the AR tool in the official application. The games have been designed to make the most sense in AR and let the player able to look around the scene and get the best vantage point. The environments of each game took inspiration from the Red Bull logo, as a sphere with solid terrain at the bottom and open skies above it.  All the games are challenging but not too difficult to master.

When the can is scanned, the name of the game is announced on a stripe, and the can reacts with a burst of triangles, echoing the design of the key visual of the campaign.



I was involved in the definition of the GDD of two of the games:
'Climb the trail' and ' Pull off sick tricks'. My role was to help define the key interactions and set up the key elements of both games.

I designed user flows and sketches and built 3D models and prototypes as proof of concepts to test and validate the core mechanic.  


In this race against time, players need to sprint and maneuver their way up a mountain trail in the shortest time possible. If they don’t go fast enough, you’ll lose precious time you need to set a high score. If they go too fast, you could crash into an obstacle and lose seconds of your time.


The final score is the time you take to reach the top of the mountain. The game is over when the player reaches the top of the mountain

Difficulty progression

The layout of the mountain gets more challenging the further up you go.

My Role

I helped define the main logic of the controller, the bicycle's behavior during the journey and the path and obstacles of the track. 


In this automatic scroller built around the can, the players have 90 seconds to perform as many tricks and stunts as they can.


The score is mainly dependent on the difficulty of the tricks that the players do, how well they land them, and their timing when jumping off stunts. Chaining tricks and stunts without failing a land rewards with a combo multiplier.

Difficulty progression

The park gets trickier and steeper as you progress - thus building up more downward speed.

Red Bull cans

Timing a perfect jump on a skateboard park stunt makes players reach high enough to catch a Red Bull can. The final score is multiplied by the number of Red Bull cans they collected during the game.

My Role

I helped define the way the skater is controlled by the users, the tricks and score logic, the path and obstacles of the track.