AR Product Exploration



As part of the innovation program for Braun, we built an innovative AR experience that is allowing customers to interact with the full Braun product range and learning the features and benefits, from anywhere. 

The focus of this AR pilot was to help the user find the right Braun shaver model for them - with a focus on the 4 premium 3D models. Users can simply scan the packaging (or an advert) to bring the product to life in augmented reality. They can then engage with the product like never before, to explore the fine craftsmanship and design and learn more through interactive touch points. All features are supported by copy highlighting how their benefits to the user. Plus, with the added convenience of starting the purchase process directly on Amazon, this AR pilot makes shopping for products more fun and interactive.

Thanks to this prototype, Braun started a pilot program that has been rolled down on selected markets to test the benefits of AR on the consumer journey. 


We decided to build the prototype utilizing Unity and Vuforia to push the visual quality as much as possible. The experience was designed with the user in mind, thinking of the best solutions to make it easy for them to scan the package and start exploring the product regardless of their location or point of view.

Our aim was to demonstrate the potential of the technology by making the exploration of the product highly interactive. Users can learn more by reading useful information, checking reviews from other customers, watching videos, and even starting the purchase journey, making the experience both visually stunning and highly interactive.

My Role

I worked on the UX and design of the initial prototype, defining the user journey, the interactions, and the animations.
I've been involved also in the building process, by helping on the retopology of the meshes of the 3D models, animating the objects, and creating all the visual assets of the experience.