November 15, 2013

Modern Creative Direction

Great, simply true article wrote by Pelle Sjoenell, ECD of BBH LA.

"..I believe Creative Direction isn’t just Creative Selection. I’ve noticed the two are often confused and I think it’s the result of agency process. Creative Direction is about having a vision and making sure the vision is clear to everyone involved. Having a vision doesn’t mean coming up with or choosing the ideas. Having a vision is about leadership, constantly inspiring and instigating. That’s why Creative Direction has to start early in collaboration with planners, even before a brief is written, and follow through to the end of the rainbow. In other words, if Creative Direction is done right, you should never have to select. You never need to resort to the role of a bouncer. Or simply giving things thumbs up or thumbs down..."

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July 19, 2013

Interactive Video-mapping with Sebastian Neitsch

I've participated at this workshop healed by Sebastian Neitsch to learn how VVVV works for interactive video-mapping.
In our case, we created a connection from the sound frequences, some lamps and the walls of Castello Sforzesco in Milano.

The results were pretty interesting:

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